Projects / Bulgarian

Projects funded by National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science

Project Title  Year Principal Investigator (PI)/Co-Principal Investigator (coPI) Organisation
Expression profiling of miRNAs in Bulgarian patients with prostate cancer and development of a biomarker panel for diagnosis and prognostics 2013-2015 Assoc. Prof. R. Kaneva, PhD MU-Sofia
Genome and exome associative study of heroin dependency in Bulgaria 2013-2015 Prof. Ivo Kremensky, MD, PhD MU-Sofia
Genomic analysis of mutations in patients with congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT) 2011-2014 Chief Assist. Prof. O. Beltcheva, PhD MU-Sofia
Follow up of circulating tumor cells (CTC) levels in patients with metastatic breast carcinoma - prognostic and predictive meaning 2010-2013 Chief Assist. Prof. A. Mitkova, PhD MU-Sofia
Analysis of clinical and molecular characteristics of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma and their application for prediction of prognosis and treatment response 2010-2013 T. Goranova, PhD MU-Sofia
National University Complex in Biomedical and Translational Research, infrastructural project 2009-2013 Prof. V. Mitev, MD, PhD MU-Sofia
Contemporary approaches for unravelling the genetic basis of epilepsy  2009-2012 Assoc. Prof. A. Jordanova, PhD MU-Sofia
Clinical and molecular markers with predictive value for survival, quality of life and treatment response in high-grade gliomas 2009-2012 Assoc. Prof. N. Gabrovsky, MD, PhD MU-Sofia
Study of the genetic variations, associated with increased risk and identification of diagnostics and prognostics markers for prostate cancer 2009-2012 Assoc. Prof. Ch. Slavov MU-Sofia
Contemporary approach for diagnostics, frequency assessment and genotype-phenotype correlations in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus in Bulgarian population 2009-2012 Assoc. Prof. I. Atanasova, MD, PhD University Hospital of Endocrinology and Gerontology Acad. I. Penchev
Molecular pathways involved in mammary gland cancer 2008-2009 Assoc. Prof. E. Georgieva Institute of Genetics, BAS
Antiphospholipid syndrome – genetical, immunological and clinical investigation in the Bulgarian population 2008-2010 Prof. M. Baleva, MD, PhD MU-Sofia
Enhancing the capacity of the Molecular Medicine Center, Medical University-Sofia for functional genomic, proteomic and metabolomic research 2008-2010 Prof. V. Mitev, MD, PhD MU-Sofia
Establishing a SNP Genotyping and Gene Expression Core at Molecular Medicine Centre, MU - Sofia 2006-2008 Prof. V. Ovcharov, MD, PhD MU-Sofia
Study of the molecular basis of the endometrial cancer in Bulgaria  2005-2007 Assoc. Prof. Nikolai Doganov, MD, PhD  University Hospital of Gynaecology and Obstetrics Maichin Dom, MU-Sofia
National Science Program: Genomics
Genomics of the retinal pigment degeneration. Genomic analysis and identification of the genes affected in Retinitis Pigmentoza in Bulgarian Roma population.
2004-2008 A. Jordanova, PhD, Coordinator, PI: V. Guergelcheva; Assoc. Prof.  S. Cherninkova; R. Kaneva, PhD NGL, MMC, MU-Sofia; University Hospital Aleksandrovska and Ethnic Minorities Health Problems Foundation
National Science Program: Genomics
Markers for the degree of progression of the atherosclerotic alterations in blood vessels
2004-2007 A. Postandzhiev, MD, PI; A. Savov, PhD, co-PI  University Hospital St. Anna
National Science Program: Genomics 
Genomics of the Affective Disorders. Linkage analysis and fine mapping of families with affective disorders and epilepsy
2003-2007 R. Kaneva, PhD, Coordinator,  PI; Prof. V. Milanova, Prof. I. Turnev and R. Kaneva, PhD, coPIs NGL, MMC, MU-Sofia; University Hospital Aleksandrovska and Ethnic Minorities Health Problems Foundation
Androgen receptor polymorphisms in  Bulgarian population clinical and control groups  - correlation of genotype and phenotype characteristics  2005-2008 Assoc. Prof.  P. Kumanov; A. Savov, PhD University Hospital of Endocrinology and Gerontology Acad. I. Penchev
Neurocognitive and genetic markers for early diagnosis of Alzheimers disease  2005-2006 Assoc. Prof. L. Traykov, MD Neurology Clinics, University Hospital Aleksandrovska
Study of the molecular genetic and clinical profiles of the familial and sporadic colorectal cancers in Bulgaria 2002-2005 Prof. D. Damianov, MD, PhD Department of Surgery, University Hospital Tzaritza Yoanna, MU - Sofia