Core / Laser Microdissection

Laser Microdissection Core will greatly foster the research and quality of isolated cells for subsequent use in functional genomics and proteomics studies for all research groups working in the oncogenetic field. The LMD is essential in cases where single or few cell analyses are available for the investigation on microarrays. This can be used for different cell types and in the search for molecular markers for personalized medicine.


Palm MicroBeam Laser Microdissection system has been purchased with integrated high performance imaging functionality and will be set up in the new core. The Laser Microdissection workstation for ultra-pure sample isolation is equipped with high quality microscope; laser technology for non-contact and contamination-free specimen capture; high-resolution digital camera for fluorescence and bright field; multichannel fluorescence and extended focus, allowing optimal workflow with simple component integration from individual experiments to automation; flexible applications from archival material to living cells – for DNA, RNA and protein isolation; automated image analysis in transmitted light and fluorescence; and intuitive user interface.