Core / Biobanking

The existing genetic biobank has been accumulated over the years as a product of the interests of individual research groups. In 2010 MMC became an Associated organization to BBMRI. The Biobanking core has the capacity to provide a number of specialized high quality services, such as genomic DNA, isolated from large numbers of samples, cryopreservation for long-term secure data storage and retrieval.

The high throughput of the laboratory is secured by the introduction of bar-code reading system and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Thus the sample tracking, work flow management and overall project management is guaranteed. 


2 standard low-temperature upright freezers (400 l), 2 deep freezers (600 l) and a separate liquid nitrogen freezing unit for tissues, including Cryogenic vessel Cryostor (110 l) and 2 Dewar Vessels for long term archiving, with specialized electronic alarm system for proper maintenance and control of the freezing unit, Automated DNA/RNA isolation platform Chemagic Magnetic Separation Module I, Laboratory Automation Workstation for precise mass-pipetting in 96/384 plates (BIOMEK FXP liquid handling robot) and spectrophotometer Nanodrop ND-1000.



 The Biobanking Core at MMC has the capacity to provide following services:

  • Archiving and storage of biological specimens, including DNA/RNA, serum, plasma, urine, etc.;
  • Isolation of DNA and RNA from biological samples;
  • Determination of RNA and DNA quality and quantity;
  • Normalization of the concentration of DNA/RNA solutions;
  • Automated pre-analytical dispensing of reaction mixtures on 384/96-well plates.