About us / Structure

The Molecular Medicine Center is coordinated by Prof. Vanio Mitev, MD, PhD and two local governing bodies: with clearly defined responsibilities, acting in close collaboration and coordination: the Scientific Board and the Management Committee.

The Scientific Board determines the directions and guidelines of MMC research.

The Management Committee ensures the quality and timely implementation of the work at MMC.

The Center is overseen by an Advisory Board, composed of senior scientists affiliated with national and international institutions outside the Medical University - Sofia.

Research groups are the main structural unit in MMC. They are multidisciplinary teams of researchers from different departments of the Faculties of Medical University - Sofia, NGL, MMC and National specialised clinical centers and hospitals, in collaboration with scientists from research institutions and hospitals from all over the country, working on specific collaborative projects with access to MMC technical and managerial resources.

In 2009 MMC became a part of the National University Complex in Biomedical and Translational Research, funded by National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science.